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What Impact Will the Shinal Case Have on Informed Consent in Clinical Research?
Even more work for PIs?

Eight Questions to Ask Your Equipment Calibration Service Provider
Get calibrated

Nazi Concentration Camps: Guinea Pigs
Still amazing after all these years

Still More Regulatory Myths
In case you thought you knew it all

Review: "Clinical Trials Design in Operative and Non Operative Invasive Procedures"
It's different

Review: "A Quick Guide to Clinical Trials, 2nd Edition"
A primer for study sponsors

My Clinical Study Experience with Focused Ultrasound
The patient's voice

Update on MAGI

It’s About Time to Stop Using the IRB as a Regulatory Compliance Committee
Your next priority

Good Clinical Practice Q&A: Focus on Study Records
You too can be a GCP expert

Clinical Research Ethics Question of the Month: Who Do You Invite to Join Your IRB?
What would you do?

What's New in GCP?
FDA guidance allows IRBs to waive or alter consent for minimal risk research

Making Sense of Biostatistics

On Site: Industry Headlines
In-office research partnership calls on physician investigators

First Clinical Research Stock Index (FCRI)
A great month

Mayne Cartoon Research Laboratories
FCA inspected and approved

What am I Missing Here? Thought-Provoking Questions for the Clinical Research Industry

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