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FMV and the Market Failure in Clinical Research
It doesn't have to be like this

Reducing Waste in the Process for Preparing IRB Minutes
If we can't even get the simple things right...

Seventeen Questions an IRB Should Ask About a Research Site’s Communication System
If you need to talk to someone, who do you talk to…and how?

Review: "Medical Device Development: Regulation and Law, 3rd Edition"
Read this book

Review: "The Ethics of Pediatric Research"
It's not child's play

Update on MAGI

Good Clinical Practice Q&A: Focus on Final Reports
You too can be a GCP expert

What's New in GCP?
EHRs used in trials don’t have to be Part 11 compliant, but still must be valid

On Site: Industry Headlines
Does industry need a preclinical database? Robert Califf says yes

Perspectives on Clinical Research
Oncology vs. non-oncology median non-clinical site fees

First Clinical Research Stock Index (FCRI)
Turbulent times

Mayne Cartoon Research Laboratories
FCA inspected and approved

What am I Missing Here? Thought-Provoking Questions for the Clinical Research Industry
Hidden costs

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