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Integrating Human Factors/Usability Engineering and Usability Testing into Medical Device Total Product Life Cycle
It's not a medical device until you use it

Basic Concepts for Informed Consent
If they don't understand these, they won't understand anything

Blockchain Technology in Clinical Research
Very cool

Review: "Fundamentals of EU Regulatory Affairs, 8th edition"
A solid foundation

Review: "Ethical Imperialism: Institutional Review Boards and the Social Sciences, 1965-2009"
If you think you've got it bad…

My Clinical Study Experience with Phase 4 Melanoma
The patient's voice

It’s About Time We Get Serious About Paperless Clinical Research Sites
Your next priority

Good Clinical Practice Q&A: Focus on Screening
You too can be a GCP expert

Clinical Research Ethics Question of the Month: Zombie Apocalypse
What would you do?

What's New in GCP?
Walden questions NIH on consent for emergency research

On Site: Industry Headlines
Good Pharma Scorecard results show continued drive for transparency

First Clinical Research Stock Index (FCRI)
Nicely done

Mayne Cartoon Research Laboratories
FCA inspected and approved

What am I Missing Here? Thought-Provoking Questions for the Clinical Research Industry
Exit interviews

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