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Large CRO to Acquire FDA

Should We Outsource Our IRB?
It's time to take a serious look

Clinical Research Education in India
Getting up to speed… fast

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell? Transfer and Sale of De-Identified Patient Data
You thought you were off the hook?

Offering Results to Research Subjects: U.S. Institutional Review Board Policy
You might be interested to know…

STRATEGIC RESEARCH: A Practical Handbook for Phase IIIB and Phase IV Clinical Studies: Chapter 10. Maximizing Investigator Motivation
Part 10 in a 15-part series about late-stage research

Review: “Testing Treatments: Better Research for Better Healthcare”
Read this book (and it's free!)

Review: “Investigator Initiated Trials: Building Superior IIT Capabilities”
Freedom is just another word for more work to do

Review: “Management of Data in Clinical Trials, Second Edition”
Taming the beast

Update on MAGI, the Model Agreement Group Initiative

Good Clinical Practice Q&A: Focus on Protocol Amendments
You too can be a GCP expert

Spotlight on Research Fees: Common Clinical Procedures
Bread-and-butter for research sites

First Clinical Research Stock Index (FCRI)
Ahead by a whisker

Mayne Cartoon Research Laboratories
FCA inspected and approved

What am I Missing Here? Thought-Provoking Questions for the Clinical Research Industry
Outsourcing for research sites

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