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KAI ResearchCROs, Full Service
Karmic LifesciencesCROs, Regional
KayentisElectronic Data Capture (EDC)
KCRCROs, Regional
KCRN ResearchCROs, Full Service
Kellman Pharmaceutical ServicesCROs, Full Service
Keyrus BiopharmaCROs, Regional
Key SolutionsSoftware, IRB
KGK ScienceCROs, Regional
Kinapse LtdOther
KinematikData Management
KinetiqRegulatory Compliance
KlinEra Global ServicesCROs, Regional
KlinEra Global ServicesCROs, Regional
KMI DiagnosticsLaboratories, Analytical & Diagnostic
KMR GroupOther
Kontekst TranslationsTranslation & Interpretation
Krieg DeVault LLPLaw Firms & Attorneys
Kuantum Clinical Research Ltd.CROs, Regional

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