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Therapeutic Areas
B. Braun Medical  Devices, Materials & Equipment  CAR ANA NUTCarrollton, TX
B. Braun Melsungen AG  Devices, Materials & Equipment  ANA CAR INFMelsungen, Germany
Balance Therapeutics  Pharmaceuticals  CNSSan Bruno, CA
Banyan Biomarkers  Diagnostics  CNSAlachua, FL
BaroFold  Biopharmaceuticals  RHEAurora, CO
BAROnova  Devices, Materials & Equipment  METSan Carlos, CA
Basilea Pharmaceutica Ltd.  Biopharmaceuticals  DPS INFBasel, Switzerland
Bausch & Lomb  Devices, Materials & Equipment  OPHRochester, NY
Bavarian Nordic  Biopharmaceuticals  ONC VIRKvistgard, Denmark
Baxter International  Devices, Materials & Equipment  ANA CAR CNS CWS HEM MET MUS NEP ONC VIRDeerfield, IL
Bayer Corporation (USA)  Pharmaceuticals  METPittsburgh, PA
Bayer Pharma AG  Pharmaceuticals  CAR CNS END HEM INF MET OBG ONC OTH RES UROBerlin, Germany
Bay Labs  Diagnostics  CARSan Francisco, CA
BBB Therapeutics  Drug Delivery  ONCLeiden, Netherlands
BD Bard  Devices, Materials & Equipment  CAR ONC UROFranklin Lakes, NJ
Beckman Coulter Diagnostics  Diagnostics  CARBrea, CA
Becton, Dickinson and Company  Diagnostics  METFranklin Lakes, NJ
Beech Tree Labs  Biopharmaceuticals  VIRDelanson, NY
BeiGene  Biopharmaceuticals  ONCBeijing, China
Bellerophon Therapeutics  Drug Delivery  RESHampton, NJ

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