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OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration [DOL]
OHRP Office for Human Research Protections [HHS]
OBPO Office of Biological Products Operations (CBER)
OBIMO Office of Bioresearch Monitoring Operations (ORA))
OBP Office of Biotechnology Products [CDER]
OCC Office of Cancer Centers [NIH]
OCR Office of Civil Rights
OCP Office of Clinical Pharmacology
OC Office of Compliance [CDER]
OER Office of Extramural Research [NIH]
OGD Office of Generic Drugs [OPS]
OGA Office of Global Affairs (HHS)
OGROP Office of Global Regulatory Operations and Policy [FDA]
OLAW Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare [NIH]
ONDQA Office of New Drug Quality Assessment [OPS]
OPS Office of Pharmaceutical Science [CDER]
ORA Office of Regulatory Affairs [FDA]
ORI Office of Research Integrity [HHS]
ORO Office of Research Oversight [VA]
OSI Office of Scientific Investigations (FDA)
OTR Office of Testing and Research (CDER)
OC Office of the Commissioner [FDA]
OIG Office of the Inspector General [FDA]

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