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Children in Medical Research: Access versus Protection
Lainie Friedman Ross, 2006.  REVIEW

Dark Medicine: Rationalizing Unethical Medical Research
William R. LaFleur, Gernot Böhme & Susumu Shimazono, editors, 2007.  REVIEW

The Ethical Challenges of Human Research: Selected Essays
Franklin G. Miller, editor and author, 2012.  REVIEW

Ethical Issues in Clinical Research: A Practical Guide
Bernard Lo, 2010.  REVIEW

Ethical Issues in International Biomedical Research: A Casebook
James V. Lavery, Christine Grady, Elizabeth R. Wahl, and Ezekiel J. Emanuel, 2007.  REVIEW

Ethics and Regulation of Clinical Research, 2nd Edition
Robert J. Levine, 1986.  REVIEW

The Ethics and Regulation of Research with Human Subjects
Carl H. Coleman, Jerry A. Menikoff, Jesse A. Goldner, and Efthimios Parasidis, 2015.  REVIEW

Ethics and Research with Children: A Case-Based Approach
Eric Kodish, editor, 2005.  REVIEW

Ethics of Research with Human Subjects: Protecting People, Advancing Science, Promoting Trust”
David B. Resnik,, 2018.  REVIEW

Examining Tuskegee: The Infamous Syphilis Study and Its Legacy”
Susan M. Reverby, 2009.  REVIEW

Experimenting with Humans and Animals: From Galen to Animal Rights
Anita Guerrini, 2003.  REVIEW

Exploitation and Developing Countries: The Ethics of Clinical Research
Jennifer S. Hawkins and Ezekiel J. Emanuel, editors, 2008.  REVIEW

Human Subjects Research after the Holocaust
Sheldon Rubenfeld and Susan Benedict, editors, 2014.  REVIEW

Managing Relationships with Industry: A Physician’s Compliance Manual
Steven C. Schachter, William Mandell, Scott Harshbarger, and Randall Gromstein, 2008.  REVIEW

The Oxford Textbook of Clinical Research Ethics
Ezekiel J. Emanuel, Christine Grady, Robert A. Crouch, Reidar K. Lie, Franklin G. Miller, and David Wendler, editors, 2008.  REVIEW

Pharmaphobia: How the Conflict of Interest Myth Undermines American Medical Innovation”
Thomas P. Stossel, 2015.  REVIEW

Responsible Conduct of Research, 2nd Edition
Adil E. Shamoo & David B. Resnik, 2009.  REVIEW

Rethinking the Ethics of Clinical Research: Widening the Lens
Alan Wertheimer, 2011.  REVIEW

Riding the Green Wave: Financial Conflicts of Interest in ...
Patricia M. Tereskerz, 2007.  REVIEW

Silent Partners: Human Subjects and Research Ethics”
Rebecca Dresser,, 2017.  REVIEW

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