Clinical Research Industry Associations

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CACRS Canadian Association of Clinical Research Specialists
CAPRA Canadian Association of Professionals in Regulatory Affairs
CAREB Canadian Association of Research Ethics Boards
CMA Canadian Medical Association
CSPS Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences
CSCTR Central Society for Clinical and Translational Research
CMR Centre for Innovation in Regulatory Science [CIRS]
COG Children's Oncology Group
CIRCARE Citizens for Responsible Care and Research
CCRA Clinical Contract Research Association [UK]
CDISC Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium
TCRA Clinical Research Association (Turkey)
CRAC Clinical Research Association of Canada
CRF Clinical Research Forum
CRR Clinical Research Roundtable [Institute of Medicine]
CRS Clinical Research Society
CCTA Coalition for Clinical Trials Awareness
CoAPCR Consortium of Academic Programs in Clinical Research
CIRB Consortium of Independent Review Boards
CIOMS Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences
COGR Council on Governmental Relations

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