Clinical Research Relief Organization

Benefit Audioconferences Raise $5,000
In three interactive audioconferences in January 2006, the Clinical Research Relief Organization (CRRO) raised $5,000 to benefit Hurricane Katrina victims in the clinical research industry. Three speakers — Alicia Pouncey, Kenneth Kratz, and William Smith — provided their perspectives and advice on disaster preparation and mitigation for sponsors, sites and IRBs. Over 150 site, sponsor, CRO and IRB personnel attended each conference, an average of five per telephone connection.

CRRO Donates $5,000 to New Orleans Chapter of ACRP
In August 2006, CRRO donated $5,000 to the New Orleans chapter of the Association of Clinical Research Professionals to support rebuilding the chapter. The chapter donated $1,000 of the funds to the City of New Orleans Health Department.

CRRO is standing by for the next natural disaster to hit the clinical research industry.

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