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The mission of First Clinical Research is to advance the practice of clinical research. To accomplish this mission, we provide numerous free resources for clinical research professionals. The Journal of Clinical Research Best Practices offers free online access and a monthly Alert email to over 100,000 subscribers. Industry directories include educational events, books, publications, study sponsors, service providers, etc. Other searchable databases include regulatory documents, FDA answers to GCP questions, and clinical research glossaries.

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Norman Goldfarb, CRCP, Managing Director, is a seasoned executive and leading authority on clinical research best practices. Mr. Goldfarb has authored or presented hundreds of articles and talks on clinical research. He is Editor of the Journal of Clinical Research Best Practices and Chairman of MAGI. Biography Curriculum Vitae

“Analysis and Adaptation: Making People Smarter with Technology that Doesn't Make Them Feel Stupid”
Free 21-minute online presentation by Norman Goldfarb (using Flash technology).

Clinical Trial Podcast interview of Norman Goldfarb

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